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Paying "Your Fair Share" - July 2017

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The Borough of Saddle River has been successful in offering its residents the second lowest real estate tax rate in Bergen County. The low tax rate has resulted in sustained higher property values, despite the fact that the NJ State legislature has adopted crushing regulatory burdens and other financial restraints on property owners with little regard to property rights or the State economy.

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Saddle River Magazine - April 2016

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What are your future plans for the business?

During the first year of our operations in 2014 and part of 2015 we have developed the entire platform and proprietary systems in place to manage our listings and transactions. Everything is available online for our clients and agent associates. Today we are actively pursuing talented and motivated individuals seeking a successful career in real estate. We are very competitive; we have the tools and the platform for growth.

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Saddle River Magazine - June 2015

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In order to reflect the Company’s philosophy about strong property rights, Mark and Helena researched American history and the founding of this great nation in pursuit of a perfect name that would be recognized by their clientele. They identified the two most prominent advocates for property rights James Madison and Samuel Adams who were instrumental in creating the standards for a Free Republic.

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Saddle River Magazine - April 2015

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Helena and Mark recently started a real estate brokerage firm, Madison Adams™ whose first office is in Saddle River. The company focus is on the residential luxury market in New Jersey. Both Mark and Helena bring extensive experience in financial markets, investments and real estate. Mark and Helena are often asked how they selected the name Madison Adams. Both James Madison and Samuel Adams were the leading advocates for property rights, in which the Zagorski's strongly believe, hence the name.

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