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Why should you invest in the New Jersey Real Estate Market?

The New Jersey real estate market is teeming with opportunities for potential investors. What makes the New Jersey real estate market unique is the vast bouquet of offerings such as commercial propert ...


Listing in the Spring

Demand for housing depends on and is driven mainly by the current state of the economy, labor market, personal income levels, availability of money for lending, tax and regulatory burden on homeowne ...


Paying Your Fair Share

The Borough of Saddle River has been successful in offering its residents the second lowest real estate tax rate in Bergen County. The low tax rate has resulted in sustained higher property values, de ...


Pricing Your Home For Sale

Like in any successful endeavor, selling real estate requires a comprehensive plan and a well thought out strategy. One of the most important elements in devising a plan is accurate pricing.It is very ...


Stale Listings For Sale

A property for sale that has been sitting on the market for a long time without any offer is generally considered to be a stale listing.One of the main factors affecting the length of time on the mark ...

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